Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2008
Jan Svankmajers Alice

Der tschechische Trickfilmer Jen Svankmajer hat eine sehr düstere, surrealistische Version von Alice erzählt.
Alltägliche Gegenstände verwandeln sich dabei in Requisiten und Figuren für Alices Abenteuer.
Während in anderen Verfilmungen Alice als Mädchen an der Schwelle zum Teenageralter dargestellt wird, ist Svankmajers Alice tatsächlich noch ein Kind.

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The Alice In Wonderland Walt Disney Didn’t Want You To See

Posted by Ross Rosenberg:
In 1951 Souvaine Selective Pictures was set to release Alice in Wonderland featuring a combination of live action and stop-motion animation by pioneering animator Lou Bunin. Bunin had worked for Diego Rivera in Mexico and was behind the earliest known stop-motion production in the U.S.

Alas, there was only one problem, RKO Radio Pictures was set to release Walt Disney’s three million dollar version of Alice in Wonderland and they weren’t comfortable with competition. Claiming that a second Alice film would confuse moviegoers, Disney and RKO successfully sued to have Bunin’s film released eighteen months later in the U.S. with a severely limited distribution, despite the fact that Bunin had already premiered the film in Paris in 1949.

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Alice videogame 2000
"Alice grew up and so did wonderland!"

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